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2312, 2020

Mokrini, F. Abbad Andaloussi, F., Waeyenberge, L., Viaene, N and Moens, M. (2014). β-1,4-endoglucanase gene suitable for the molecular quantification of the root-lesion nematode, Pratylenchus thornei, Nematology 16 (7), pp 789-796.

3009, 2020

Krif G., MOKRINI, F., El Aissami, A., Laasli, SE., Imren, M., Goksel, O., Paulitz, T., Lahlai R., and Dababat, A.A. (2020). Diversity and Management Strategies of Plant Parasitic Nematodes in Moroccan Organic Farming and Their Relationship with Soil Physico-Chemical Properties. Agriculture 10, 447. Article number: 19204

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