1- MED4PEST PRIMA PROJECT (2021-2024)  

           (National cordinators: Dr MOKRINI Fouad and Prof ELHAJAJI Souad)  

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MED4PEST aims to develop proven, effective Ecologically Based Rodent Management (EBRM) methods and products, which are readily integrated into local pest /invasive rodent management systems in Mediterranean countries, contributing to the shift from synthetic pest control to biological and ecological pest management, ultimately leading to eco-sustainable farming systems, higher quality and quantity crop production and optimization of input use for ecosystem health. MED4PEST objectives and goals will produce new knowledge through scientific research that will be pursued with the collaborative research of the consortium partners from 2 Universities (HMU, Grecce, MVUR, Morocco), 2 Research Institutes (INRA-Rabat, Morocco,  CYENS-Cyprus) and one company (MetaMetaAnatolia).

MED4PEST is funded by Prima Foundation (Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area), it is coordinated by MetaMeta Anatolia.


         2- AMABIO PROJECT (2015-2017)

Biological control of the Root-knot nematodes Meloidogyne spp.


          3- USAID (2010-2012)

Sustainable and Integrated Control of Key Dryland Soil Borne Pathogens (SBP) for Sustainably Health Roots and Soils for Rainfed Wheat Production Systems