Dr. Fouad MOKRINI (PhD)

Head of Nematology Laboratory

INRA, CRRA-Rabat, Morocco

About me

<strong>Dr. Fouad MOKRINI</strong>
Dr. Fouad MOKRINIEng (IAV, 2005), Ph.D (UGhent, Belgium, 2016)
Principal Chief Engineer

Fouad Mokrini is a Phytopathologist / Nematologist and head of the nematology laboratory at Regional Center of Agricultural Research (CRRA-Rabat), INRA, Morocco. In his lab, a solid background on Plant Parasitic Nematodes (PPNs) and Entomopathogenic Nematodes (EPNs) in Morocco is established. This includes morphological and molecular characterization of PPN as well as developing new management methods to reduce nematode and insect pest problems in agriculture

The mission of the Nematology laboratory at INRA, CRRA-Rabat are :

  • To develop safe control strategies for PPNs and insect pests, thereby promoting agricultural sustainability, assuring food safety, improving water quality, and providing linkage to integrated pest management systems;

  • Discovery of biocontrol organisms and soil amendments for suppression of PPN populations, especially Meloidogynes spp. and insect pests associated with vegetable crops and elucidation of their mode of action;

  • Development of new molecular tools to improve nematode identification;


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Membership and Network

2017-2018 : Nominated by the Islamic Development Bank as member of the Panel of external reviewers of the Merit Scholarship Program appliquants

** European Society of Nematologists (ESN)

** International Working Group on Cereal Cyst Nematode.

Research Projects

** USAID (2010) Sustainable and Integrated Control of Key Dryland Soil Borne Pathogens (SPB) for Sustainably Healty Roots and Soils for Rainfed Wheat Produiction Systems

** AMABIO (2015-2017) : Biological control of the Root-knot nematodes Meloidogyne spp.


1 st Recipient the European Society of Nematologists grant for attending the ESN meeting

 Adana, Turkey.

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